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This is Me: Tatenda Ngwaru

This is Me: Tatenda Ngwaru

I am Here to make  
a better life for

everyone like me.

This is me

Hello Everybody,

I am Tatenda Ngwaru, an Intersex Activist

When I made a decision to create this platform, I had one goal: that everybody could know my story and from it learn, that everyone has the ability to be the best version of themselves. That has been my calling, I wish for a world that recognizes that we may be born different, regarding the color of our skin, gender, personality, or anything else. Yet despite this, love each other and celebrate the gift of life together. I am very conscious of the fact that we all were created on this earth with one thing in common, which is the ability to love unconditionally.

I work to bring hope and compassion to the intersex people of the world.

My journey as an Intersex woman has taught me so much about unconditional love. I think of my dad, who is the love of my life, the love he continually shows me through and through without wavering is the love that all people are capable of. As a Christian woman, my faith has been strengthened by the love he has always shown me.


My dad introduced me to love without expectations, he taught me to be less judgmental which is the ultimate goal I hope can be in people's hearts. This site will enable you to know me. I am a woman of many facets and I want to share my talent, my passion, my struggles, and my inspiration with you so that we can all turn our shame, guilt, self-reproach, and whatever else we are going through into a superpower.

From me to You,  All love. 


     -Tatenda Shumirai Ngwaru


Here are some of the wonderful companies I have worked with to share my message.


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